Kempinski Floating Palace Developers

Renowned for its iconic properties, Kempinski Hotels is synonymous with groundbreaking architectural designs, world-class materials, and unparalleled lifestyle amenities.

About Kempinski Floating Palace Developers

Kempinski Floating Palace, a visionary project by Kempinski Hotels, is a pioneering luxury development in Dubai. Helmed by Kempinski Hotels, renowned for their exceptional hospitality since 1897, this floating hotel redefines opulence with its unique architectural design and unparalleled amenities.

Known for integrating cutting-edge marine engineering with lavish accommodations, Kempinski Floating Palace features a central floating structure surrounded by 12 luxurious villas. These villas can detach and sail independently, offering guests a blend of exclusivity and privacy. The central structure boasts 156 rooms and suites, high-end restaurants, a bar, a spa, and pools, ensuring a world-class experience for every guest.

Kempinski Floating Palace sets new standards in the hospitality industry with its innovative design and commitment to sustainability. The project incorporates eco-friendly technologies to minimize environmental impact, underscoring Kempinski Hotels’ dedication to a sustainable future for luxury travel.

Strategically located in Dubai, the Kempinski Floating Palace provides easy access to the city’s premier attractions, making it an ideal destination for both leisure and business travelers. This project further cements Kempinski Hotels’ reputation for delivering exceptional and innovative hospitality experiences globally.

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